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Server backup via deduplication

01.03.2012 08:00 | Articles

Druva solution is an intelligent tool for laptop, desktop and server backup by method of client deduplication. In the following the product PHOENIX is introduced – solution for backup of server environment, data centres and branch offices by method of deduplication.

Data Backup

27.02.2012 12:40 | Articles

The company data become and is going to become the most valuable property of firms. They present knowledge, experience, information that allows effective company management and setting future strategies. There is quite a number of risks – hardware failures, hackers and virus effects, fire risk and of course the failure of human element. And especially human factor is actually the highest risk.

Definition and Backup Rotation

27.02.2012 12:38 | Articles

One of the key elements of every data backup is the definition of the rotating scheme so the protection was guaranteed at least one day back. The best rotating scheme of data carriers is the one, which can guarantee data copies as long, extensive and varied as possible.